Gilmore Elementary School

École Élémentaire James Gilmore


Dec 2019 - Our focus is evolving...

Over the last three months we have begun to delve into our transition from our previous focus on community and core competencies. Our focus has been scanning students and staff to identify what is happening for our learners of all ages. In our actions and evidence blog posts you can find some of the specific ways we are collecting this data as well as what the data is showing us. Stay tuned for where the data will lead us...


2016-2019 - Where we have been:

During the 2016/2017 school year, we began a scanning process that led to the development of a series of questions. These questions were asked of all students to better understand who they are and what they need as learners.  The feedback generated from these questions and conversations have informed our focus for the coming year. 


  • How are you feeling at school? 
  • Do you think you will be a success in life? 
  • Can you name 2 adults at Gilmore that care about you or believe you will be a success in life? 
  • What are you learning about in school? 
  • What do you think you will be learning about next?  
  • Why is what you’re learning important? 
  • How do you know how you’re doing with your learning? 

Responses from students indicated:

  • they feel happy at school
  • they feel learning is important 
  • they feel they can connect to their circle of friends but find it difficult to extend to others 
  • they are learning to discuss the differences with right and wrong without judgement
  • they are learning how to take responsibility for their actions and make changes
  • they are learning how to reflect on and evaluate their own learning and thinking 

The information collected from our interviews was shared with our staff and has informed our focus for the coming year. We will be working closely with both the Critical Thinking and Personal Responsibility core competencies with an emphasis on student self-reflection. Over the next few months, teachers will be supporting students to help them solve problems in peaceful and inclusive ways. We will be reaching out to our parent community to support us in this area. Each member of our community has an important role in strengthening our learning and helping our students to reach their full potential.