Gilmore Elementary School

École Élémentaire James Gilmore


PAC Meeting Minutes January 23, 2020

Minutes taken by: Amber Karnowski
Called to order at 6:34pm
Agenda approved by : Roseanne and Melissa
PRIOR DATE Minutes approved by Roseanne and Eva


Admin Report:

  • ●  Projects at the school - outdoor learning, SEL, Literacy

  • ●  Outdoor learning grant hoping to expand the garden area. Asked for three more

    gardening beds. Potential to expand bark mulch area around them and include picnic tables. Plan to make it a more interesting area to include logs and boulders. Plan for spring 2020. Also using grant money to purchase a wagon and teacher resources (plant identification cards and books).

  • ●  SEL - DST working on self regulation and social emotional skills. Resources provided in 5 divisions (calm down spaces - bean bag chairs / glitter bottles etc). District consultant direct teaching led.

  • ●  Literacy project - early literacy project. Ms. Douglas taking over the program with early learning and literacy.

  • ●  Basketball is underway. New PE/Prep teacher hired for two days a week and will be taking over the basketball team.

  • ●  Work on FESL and website - some things updated. School story and growth plan has been worked on. Updated on website.​ ​Ms. Douglas went over staff goals (social emotional/community etc) within school working with students. Multi year goal is the plan. Goal is our focus is evolving. School website updated with information.

  • ●  No dates for next years Quebec trip. Potentially a meeting to be held in May.

Chair Report:

  • ●  Calendar - updates progressing. Cinda has access to PAC Corner. PAC can update

    the calendar. WAAG - always including sport practice times, dates etc. Information

    always included in school calendar.

  • ●  Bollywood is the Spring Activity. Jasmin will be in contact with the company and admin

    to decide on scheduling. Potential to have it start in March.

Treasurer's Report:

  • ●  Submitting gaming grant report and applying for next years funding.

  • ●  Decision on what to use on the gaming fund. We can save for a larger purchase but

    needs to be voted on.

● Focus of last meeting was around privacy. We need to be careful when sending out

information. Really focusing on not including last names in information. We need to be careful on how we share information.


  • ●  Beginning of March to before Spring Break. Potential to do Purdy’s Chocolates and

    seeds. More information to come.

  • ●  Popcorn days - potential to add chocolate bars to help fundraising one day.

  • ●  School store open on hot lunch days - adding popcorn options, chips, chocolate bars,

    banana loaves. Having more options. Potential to add a poll to website to gather

    information if chocolate bars etc are okay to be purchased at school.

  • ●  Popcorn Days - Schedule Feb 3, 2020.

  • ●  Movie night to be planned in April, 2020 - hopefully a Friday night.

Food Days:

  • ●  Lauren is taking over for Tara for food days. Hot lunch days set up until end of year.

    Food dates set up.

  • ●  Sports day - plan to have a community picnic feel / everyone eating together with their

    classes and family with White Spot hot lunch.

Old Business: ● none

New Business: ● none

Co-Chairs Report:
Jasmin Prasad Ma would like to thank all in attendance.

Meeting adjourned: 7:34pm
Members present: Tara, Jasmin, Laurel, Heidy, Amber, Melissa, Kim, Eva, Roseanne, Colleen Regrets: Cinda, Ledi, Larissa, Liliana, Amanda

Tue, 2020/03/03 - 9:03pm