Gilmore Elementary School

École Élémentaire James Gilmore


PAC Meeting Minutes March 5, 2020

Minutes taken by: Amber Karnowski
Called to order at 6:32pm
Agenda approved by Roseanne, Kim

PRIOR DATE Minutes approved by Melissa, Eva Topic:

Admin Report:

  • ●  Yearly feeder school Basketball tournaments ongoing. Everyone plays and inclusion is


  • ●  Spirit wear sales are ongoing.

  • ●  District wide STEM opportunity for girls in gr 6/7. Each school is sending 2-3 students

    interested to attend.

  • ●  Leadership conference in April at garden city. Agents of change to attend to learn

    leadership skills/event planning.

  • ●  Agents of change ran Kindness Week last week. They did a great job and were very

    engaged. Positive experience all around.

  • ●  Planning for track is underway. No track date given yet. Track program going ahead.

    Track includes Ages grade 3-7.

  • ●  Process of booking camp jubilee. WIll be moved to the spring next year. Potentially

    may 2020. 2 nights planned instead of 3 due to the camps limitations and TOC costs.

    Next year price will go up to maintain the program.

  • ●  Wireless network installation has started to happen at Gilmore. The result will be faster


  • ●  New bottle refill station added in. Other drinking fountains have been removed. The

    school looked at a third being installed however cost was too high.

  • ●  Student satisfaction survey gr 4/7 has been completed.

  • ●  French immersion parent surveys have gone out from district. Feedback wanted.

  • ●  Wish list being given to PAC. Items included. (enhancement of outdoor area, jerseys

    (large and xl sizes), track shirts (large and xl sizes), performance payback, gym mats, high jump mats and outdoor ed). (School has paid for outdoor ed already - pac pays $60 per child. PAC looking into still paying).

  • ●  Hold and Secure/Lockdown information. Admin described the differences between Hold and Secure and Lockdown: Lockdown emergency within the building. Hold and secure Emergency outside the building. Schools, paramedics and emergency response all use the same system. Information is often given from RCMP.

  • ●  The most recent situation was called in conjunction with the RCMP. Gilmore had decided to be cautious and Hold and Secure. The situation was resolved.

  • ●  When hold and secure/lockdown happens students are held in the nearest classroom and attendance is sent to the classroom.

  • ●  Debrief was made within classrooms after the events.

  • ●  Staff are working on responding to different emergencies and streamlining plans/ways

    to react.

  • ●  Leftover breakfast club fruit left in the lobby. Food is always eaten by the end of day.

Thank you ​Save on Foods​!

  • ●  Breakfast club at 8:15am instead of 7:45am last year - emphasis on breakfast not

    open gym.

  • ●  COVID-19 all directives for SD38 are sent by Vancouver Coastal Health. Quat is being

    used within the school - cleaning product. Bleach is not allowed within schools. Morning custodian comes in morning and pm custodian. Emphasis on hand washing as well as general letter sent home. Parents are encouraged to self quarantine their children for 14 days. Extra custodian around school cleaning handles and surfaces in afternoon. Any more updates to be shared with parents.

  • ●  Basketball season information. Feeder school information has been sent slowly/inconsidently. Everyone is trying to be flexible. Staff is working on communication. Feeder schools often set the rules.

  • ●  Admin to inquire about Spring Fair with current school staff.

  • ●  No job action notice.

  • ●  Full time Administration Assistant is on medical leave. Temporary position has been

    filled. Temporary secretary will stay the length of the leave.

Chair Report:

  • ●  Gaming fund/account explained. PAC can pay for events and activities. Has to be an

    accessible and inclusive program (ex hip hop, bollywood). PAC has voted to pay for year end activity Primary kids to South Arm activity, Intermediate to Big Splash activity. PAC will pay for a large portion of it. If Ks and 1s can’t participate they will be given the allotment for teachers to choose something different. (This is in addition to $10 per student field trip amount). PAC will look at further information.

  • ●  Suggestion to use emergency apps via cellphone to communicate within staff to help with communication during emergencies.

  • ●  Breakfast club. ​Save on Foods​ commiting to continue donating food until this summer. Will be revisiting September 2020. ​Thank you Save on Foods​! (to be tweeted and added to PAC corner).

  • ●  Bollywood. May 25-29 booked. Monday to Thursday learning time and performance will be on the Friday. Company to communicate with admin on scheduling.

  • ●  Communication regarding basketball season.

  • ●  Communication regarding Covid-19.

Treasurer's Report:
● General Account amount is $16,154.71 and Gaming account amount is $9,680.40.

PAC will review staff wishlist items.

● Voting for the next years office positions will be happening May 5, 2020. PAC will

receive an email soon to cast our vote. Everything is volunteer run. Eva will be going to vote for Gilmore.


  • ●  Last minute orders are coming in for the seed/purdys fundraisers. $455/ Purdys

    currently profit, $567/ Profit (will be slightly less with freight charge). Hoping to have

    everything submitted by March 6, 2020. Items to be distributed early April.

  • ●  Movie night 17 or 24 of April. Usual start time: doors 6pm movie starts at 6:30.

Food Days:

  • ●  Popcorn day on Monday 2**. One is also planned for April. Reminder email to be sent for popcorn days on morning announcement.

  • ●  Hot dog day is next friday. Complications with getting the BBQ. Worst case we will be boiling hot dogs for the day.

Old Business:
● Cinda has updated PAC corner and calendar on Gilmore Website.

New Business:
● Neighborhood PAC grant available to PAC for $2500. Encouragement for

neighborhood events. PAC may submit an application for the grant.

Co-Chairs Report:
Jasmin Prasad Ma would like to thank all in attendance.

Meeting adjourned: 7:47pm

Members present: Mme. Douglas, Mme. Orzen, Jasmin, Amber, Tara, Leidi, Larissa, Heidi, Amanda, Laurel, Kim, Melissa, Eva, Roseanne

Regrets: Cinda, Lauren, Lilliana, Colleen

Wed, 2020/05/06 - 3:19pm