Gilmore Elementary School

École Élémentaire James Gilmore


PAC Meeting Minutes May 12, 2020

Minutes taken by: Amber Karnowski
Called to order at 5:37pm
Agenda approved by Roseanne, Larissa PRIOR DATE Minutes approved by Eva, Kim


Admin Report:

  • ●  Brooke Douglas would like to welcome everyone to our first online Zoom General


  • ●  Remote learning and year end report cards: every student will be receiving a year end

    report card. There has been a lot of discussion around assessment and what that will look like. All students will receive a year end (combined with the term 3 final report).There have been many different experiences during remote learning. Please contact Brooke if you have feedback on your child's learning. Please contact school if you need assistance in any way.

  • ●  Summer Learning will be online (continuing ed). Catalogue to come.

  • ●  New Playground - 125k has been given by the ministry for a new playground. Two

    companies have been contacted. Students have been asked for their ideas and input.

  • ●  Spirit wear - spirit wear has been picked up and sorted. A system is being worked on

    for families to pick up spirit wear. This will be happening in the next few days.

  • ●  Outdoor learning area. Outdoor learning area is going ahead and will be completed by

    mid may. There will be 6 garden beds, picnic bed seating and small mounds with


  • ●  Roof repair project - ongoing in June.

  • ●  School will be painted in June/July.

  • ●  District donations - financial reports to come soon.

  • ●  Welcome to kindergarten plan - There will be a May 21st Kelmore parking lot drive by.

    A video will be created to show children information about the school and things they can expect for kindergarten. A schedule will be given to parents to prevent overcrowding.

  • ●  Grade 7 farewell plan - yearbook is being created. Extra sections will be created to honor our grade 7 graduating class.

  • ●  17 families have come forward needing assistance for groceries. School has been providing up until this point. $4500 has been given so far from Gilmore.

  • ●  PAC can be involved in the welcome to K day (one member to stand out during the drive by or have an insert in the package going to kindergartens).

  • ●  SRPP reporting carries on. Final report cards will be given.

Chair Report:

  • ●  Website sorted - PAC has access to Gilmore website - PAC has access to PACcorner

    which contains minutes etc.

  • ●  Food donation for Gilmore. $250 donation from the PAC to the school. Motion

    Roseanne, second Laurel. Passed. PAC to look at more amounts to be donated in the


  • ●  Positions for next year will be available on the PAC. Members will be leaving us this

    year (there will for sure be a second treasurer position).

  • ●  June 16th will be the PAC AGM. Information to come.

  • ●  Gaming grant - more details needed before we can submit an application. Normally it

    is safe to assume we will get the gaming grant. As of right now these funds are not looking like they will come. We won't know until the end of Sept/October. Our budget is almost finalized - we are being very conservative with funds for the next year.

  • ●  Scholarships - Traditionally Gilmore PAC offers two $250 scholarships to Mcmath and Hugh Boyd for two gilmore students graduating.

  • ●  Website (Cinda) Working on how to work the menus for optimal viewing and searching.

Treasurer's Report:
● Financials as of April 29 submitted. Budget proposal for next year has been

started/near completion. Deposit for outdoor ed has been paid for. Once final numbers come we can close out the books for the year.

● Not much to report. Meetings aren’t being held. Hope to host AGM in June but not

looking likely. It Looks like the AGM will come in October. Until then PAC should just do what they can. PAC should apply for the gaming grant by June 30th.

● Still waiting on the cheque from purdy’s. Was sent to the school - Canada post

refusing to deliver to schools. Hoping to receive back at the school soon. Fundraising amounts were from the DFS fundraiser $661.51 and Purdys $478.41.

Food Days:
● All hot lunch days cancelled. Many families have decided to carry over their balances.

If parents want refunds they may choose to do so.

Old Business:
● June 16th is the agm - was reported as June 23rd in prior minutes.

New Business: ● None

Meeting adjourned: 6:16pm

Members present: Amber, Jasmin, Laurel, Cinda, Ledi, Roseanne, Tara, Colleen, Kim, Heidi, Eva, Larissa, Lilliana

Regrets: Amanda, Melissa

Thu, 2020/05/14 - 2:11pm