Our School Story

Ecole élémentaire James Gilmore Elementary School is located on the unceded, ancestral, and traditional territories of hǝn̓q̓ǝmin̓ǝm̓ speaking people. Gilmore's mission of "Caring for each other, learning for a lifetime" is woven through the fabric of our community. At Gilmore, we place students at the centre of our teaching and pedagogy. We value a sense of collaboration, curiosity, and care. Through integrated learning experiences, we strive to provide opportunities for students to develop meaningful connections with each other, with the community, and with place and land. Our outdoor learning area provides a safe space for students to play, to develop ideas, and to deepen their understanding about the interdependence of the world. 


Our history from 2016 - Spring of 2020:


Prior to COVID we began to delve into our transition from our previous focus on community and core competencies towards connection and thinking. Ourdata showed that our students were able to give brief explanations of what they are learning and why it was important and that their next steps were to deepen their capacity and articulation of their thinking


During this three year period, the school gathered information collected from interviews with students which informed a focus for learning. They worked closely with both the Critical Thinking and Personal Responsibility core competencies with an emphasis on student self-reflection. Over this time period, teachers supported students to help them solve problems in peaceful and inclusive ways. The parent community was invited to support us in this area. Each member of our community has an important role in strengthening our learning and helping our students to reach their full potential.

Please see the 'Our Focus' section to see where our inquiry has led our practice.